1. Sales Agent

We realise that finding a buyer in a highly competitive property market can be stressful. We are glad to act as a sales agent for our customers and assist them in the process of selling their properties. We believe in gaining our clients trust, exceeding their expectations and making the whole selling experience as stress-free as possible.

  • Thai and International marketing
  • Accurate pricing
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Regular updates
  • Provide legal documents such as Buy and Sell Agreements

2.Rental Agent

We will assists in helping our clients find tenants for their properties. Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we are here to help! Matching the right properties with the right tenants as quickly and smoothly as possible is our strength (more than 80% of tenants in Akando managed properties renew their lease). Whether you want to rent out your property or rent a home, you will appreciate our expertise, customer care and exceptional knowledge of the market.

  • Thai and International database of tenants
  • Many Corporate tenants
  • Accurate pricing
  • Regular updates
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Provide legal documents such as Lease Agreements

3.Property Marketing Consultants

Marketing is the key to any successful project. Akando specializes in helping its clients locate the correct target market for their product ensuring that their properties are eagerly sought after and in high demand.

  • Provide key information to help clients recognise their target market.
  • Provide Marketing advise and solutions to ensure the best possible results.
  • Negotiate favorable rates from Media + Advertising sources for client.
  • Highlight most effective Marketing strategy for the client product.

4.Property Management

Unit Management

As property managers we understand the importance of running your properties efficiently to ensure both landlord and tenant satisfaction. We also understand the importance of efficient rent collection and our staff policies ensure a strong foundation enabling you to receive the maximum rents due with the minimum of fuss.

  • Rent collection and Accounting
  • Tenant care
  • Property Maintenance
  • Free legal advice
  • Comparing costing from suppliers

Condominium Estate Management

As condominium Managers it is always our aim to provide a highly trained efficient and helpful workforce who know their duty is to ensure that the common facilities are kept in good and working condition for the benefit of all co-owners. This is ensured by efficient maintenance fee collection and by having a well trained technical team to remedy all problems in a professional and helpful manner.

  • Maintenance fee collection +Accounting
  • Resident Care
  • Thorough property inspections and maintenance
  • Comparing costing from suppliers + Negotiating contracts
  • Organising Resident meetings and Committee Meetings
  • Providing monthly newsletter
  • Providing legal advise
  • Ensuring residents comply with the Condominium rules and regulations for the benefit of all residents.

Housing Estate Management

Over the years the biggest problems that owners in Housing projects seem to encounter is the lack of care and attention that the Estate managers seem to provide. To ensure that your Estate is well maintained and peaceful our team ensures that proper rules and regulations are applied. This helps provide a safer and healthier environment for your family.

  • Collection of Maintenance fee’s
  • Resident care
  • Checking security and other outsourced contracts to ensure correct pricing and standard of service.
  • Organise residents meetings and neighborhood watch schemes.

5.Development Appraisal

Our extensive experience in the global development arena becomes invaluable when trying to make informed decisions on all aspects of development. From green field sites to urban renewal mix use schemes, refurbishment projects and public private partnerships Akando can accurately identify the potential to enhance the desirability and profitability of your scheme.

  • Advise to best mix of units in proposed schemes
  • Advise as to market demand for size and style of units
  • Enhance values by helping to create the correct product for the specific location.
  • Accurate pricing
  • Real time market sentiment knowledge

6.Development Management

We provide assistance to client’s by bringing new ideas that allows them to create newly renovated and fully furnished developments of apartments with modern interior designs to suit the needs of the urban working population. We also oversee the construction work, enhancing and improving the product where appropriate and provide marketing strategies to assist both sales and rental success to a project thus providing a complete service.

  • Provide concept and design expertise to help utilise the available space correctly
  • Monitor costings and negotiate beneficial terms for owners with Building contractors.
  • Liaise with interior designers to ensure that the product is both desirable and cost effective.
  • Ensure to the best of our abilities that all contract finish on time.
  • Check quality of building works to ensure standard is achieved.
  • Report progress regularly to clients.

7.Property Appraisal and Valuation

Akando can provide private and business clients with comprehensive residential property valuations and appraisals. Demand is constantly growing from both private and public clients for residential property valuations that can be undertaken for numerous reasons such as ascertaining market value before you buy, sell or renovate to appraising future profitability.

  • Realistic values provided by way of collecting comparable evidence and reflecting market sentiment
  • Recommendations provided on how to enhance the values of your property.
  • Valuations of individual units to large portfolios.
  • Highlight all matters that may be influencing the value of the property.

8.New Homes Sales and Marketing + Site Sales

We can manage all aspects in the marketing of any New Homes and Condominium scheme. From concept and off plan sales to marketing of final phases, Akando can handle the co-ordination of a multitude of different Media, Expos, Billboards, Newspapers + Magazines advertising and promotional shows with all the specialist staffing needs being taken care of by our dedicated and experienced team.

  • On site Sales Office
  • Create Marketing and Promotional Literature such as Brochures, Banners, CD’s, Virtual Tours and dedicated Websites.
  • Organise advertising and marketing program
  • Coordinate product launch party and special promotion campaigns
  • Provide highly trained and efficient Sales staff to handle the day to day inquiries.

9.Property Fund Management

As advisors to a number of property funds Akando specialises in handling all their property needs including the day to day management of their portfolios. We also advice and assist in ensuring that the fund’s properties generate the maximum returns from their assets helping investors to maximise their returns.

  • Check current income and expenditure from all assets with the fund.
  • Assess all individual properties in the fund and establish where improvements can be made to increase long term income.
  • Ensure all rents are received on time and all Lease and contract are kept up to date.
  • Ensure proper maintenance programs are implemented to maintain value and income.
  • Report Monthly to owners to keep them informed of progress.

10.Joint venture advisors

As with many businesses, Akando has seen the advantage in bringing together parties that can complement each other to form joint venture partnerships that assist in maximizing each company’s assets. We happily provide in introductions and suggest ways to allow the partnerships to happen.

  • Make introductions to bring like minded parties together who may complement and assist one another in business.
  • Assess strengths and expertise of parties to help them realise the benefits of working together.
  • Ensure the interests of all parties are served equally

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